The Story of Dom's Table 

Dom’s Table started it’s journey in May 2020 during our first national lock down as a take away 3 course dinner box project here in Lyme Regis.

At the time I was being furloughed from my position as head chef and cookery teacher at River Cottage HQ and when cooking food and writing menus, is all you’ve ever known, I couldn’t help but to figure out a way how to still be active and cook food for people during this weird time.

My friend Kiean, owner of the Galley Cafe, helped me with the idea and let me use his kitchen for my project, as it was not being used, due to the lock down.

Quickly these dinner boxes became quite popular and I was happy to cook food again for people to enjoy, while waiting for the lock down to lift.

10 weeks and 10 different take away menus later…I was by chance presented with the spontaneous offer and massive opportunity to take on the left side of LBK on the bottom of the town on Coombe Street.

Never having actually been in the space before, I instantly fell in love, when I saw it for the first time.

But then I still wasn’t sure at first; was I ready for this and how would it work out going forward? Also, officially I was still the furloughed head chef of River Cottage HQ and would have wanted to go back. Restrictions and guidelines made it difficult for the farm to reopen and I was realistically looking at a few more months of “sitting on the bench”.

After a few days of thinking and contemplating I decided I was going to do it and open Dom’s Table as a pop up restaurant.

With only 9 days between making the decision of opening and the first dinner service, Dom’s Table hit the ground running and kept me on my toes right from the start. Eventually I was being made redundant and put all my focus on Dom’s Table.

A lot had to be learned and many mistakes were made in the beginning, but I was determined to make Dom’s Table the best it can possibly be and gradually the business grew and I could serve my food to people and be proud of what I had created.

Many good reviews over all the different platforms started coming in and the amount of repeat customers locally and all over the country were proof, that my concept was working and all my hard work was greatly appreciated.

Many of my guests came to visit me so many times, that I now have very special relationships with them and they have become more friends than guests.

Then the second lockdown came in November and Dom’s Table had to close down at LBK.

Since I wasn’t a permanent restaurant and LBK remained closed, when the second lock down lifted in December, I quickly needed to find another location to serve my food and cater for the many bookings I already had in my booking system.

The Bell Cliff Restaurant kindly gave me the opportunity to use their space in the evenings and Dom’s Table continued after the second lock down just until the 30th of December, when the announcement was made, that we enter lock down number 3 immediately, I already had a 9 Course menu planned and purchased all of the ingredients. What a disaster. Somehow I managed to get many of the guests, who had booked this event to celebrate with me one day early ( New Years Eve also happens to be my birthday).

After a month of absolute radio silence from Dom’s Table, a time of reflection and rest, I decided to take it back to where it all started and offer take away dinner boxes. As Dom’s Table had never been a restaurant with a permanent location, I wasn’t eligible for any government grants or funding, so my take away was and still is my way to survive this difficult time.

After a short stint at LBK on Broad Street I'm now popping up at the Galley Cafe on 14 Broad Street. Currently it looks like you will find me there until the end of the year. Looking forward to seeing you there Wednesday through to Saturday evenings with a changing 4 Course Set Menu.